Before we begin, 60 seconds on an ugly truth.

Know this: nearly every ad agency in the world talks a really good game, but disappointingly few deliver really great work. They say all the right things, have all the strategy down pat, then they turn over the comps. Moment of reality. Nine times out of ten, it will be predictable to semi-adequate work. Because genuinely original, seductively compelling advertising is just damn hard to do. Consistently. So most agencies don't, won't or can't. It's a sad truth of advertising life.

Or, hell, of life in general for that matter. There are countless masons, mechanics and meat cutters in the world, but only a handful are obsessed craftsmen. Ditto ad makers.

We number our all-star team among that handful. But the work should say it all. So, from here on, we will mostly put-up and shut-up. Click on.